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indie@USM is an online e-book retailer managed by CDAE@USM. We are dedicated to empower writers, whether amateur or professional, to share and sell their works on our platform.

Self-publishing has become a lucrative business today. Whether you’re aspiring to make it big as an author or looking to generate some passive income, what you need to do is just to start writing! Also, with the help of so many useful tools and applications on the web, everything is made easy. From writing, editing, proofing, designing the layout and cover, to formatting your book – all the tools are accessible to you with just a click of the mouse.

But where to sell them? That’s why we’re here! We provide a convenient platform to self-published writers to sell their books in digital format. You are in full control of how you want to promote and price your e-books.

At indie@USM, we believe that writing and publishing a book (or in this case, e-book) should be accessible to everyone who has the passion to write and share their thoughts to the world. As our motto goes, “Don’t limit your challenge, but challenge your limit!”


Visit indiework.usm.my