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Student-Centered Learning (SCL) Training

  • All training will be conducted within a day from 9am – 5pm unless otherwise stated (*) which will then be conducted within half day.
  • CPD points will be given.
  • Registration for each course can be done via MyCPD at Campus Online.
  • Registration is based on first come first serve basis as seats are limited.
  • Cancellation of registration should be informed two days in advance.
  • For further inquiries, please contact Hazwani at ext: 6023
  • For the latest SCL Training schedule, please visit CDAE Planner
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index.jpg SCL Training

1. Pedagogy and Andragogy
  a. 21stCentury Learning and Teaching Strategies 1 day
  b. Learning Theories and Bloom’s Taxonomy 1 day
  c. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 1 day
2. Student-Centered Learning
  a. Outcome-Based Education 1 day
  b. Student-Centered Learning in Practice 1 day
  c. Integrating Technology with Student-Centered Learning 1 day
  d. Introduction to Student-Centered Learning 1 day
  e. Problem-Based Learning I 1 day
  f. Problem-Based Learning II 1 day
  g. Brain-Based Learning and Instructions 1 day
3. Student Engagement
  a. Effective Ways to Conduct Discussion 1 day
  b. The Power of Storytelling 1 day
  c. How to Motivate Your Students 1 day
  d. Effective Classroom Managemen 1 day
  e. Student Engagement and Motivation 1 day
4. Curriculum & Instructional Design
  a. Curriculum Design 1 day
  b. Instructional Design I 1 day
  c. Instructional Design II 1 day
5. Instructional Strategies
  a. Differentiated Instruction 1 day
  b. Gamification in Teaching and Learning 1 day
  c. Project-Based Learning 1 day
  d. Brain-Based Learning 1 day
  e. Essential Questions to Promote Critical Thinking 1 day
  f. e-Portfolio for Academics 1 day
  g. Introduction to Instructional Strategies 1 day
6. Assessment
  a. Continual Quality Improvement of Student Learning 1 day
  b. Assessing Affective Domain for Student’s Learning 1 day
  c. Assessing Psychomotor Domain for Students’ Learning 1 day
  d. Developing Good Multiple-ChoiceQuestions 1/2 day
  e. Creating Effective Essay Questions 1 day
  f. Item Analysis of Multiple-ChoiceQuestions 1 day
  g. Constructing and Scoring Essay Questions 1/2 day
  h. Developing Scoring Rubrics 1 day