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Open Educational Resources (OER)


Open Educational Resources (OER) is not only a buzzing trend, but a realistic platform to realize the spirit of ‘Education for All’. UNESCO describes Open Educational Resources (OER) as teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or released with an intellectual property license that allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution. OER include full courses (in which case also known as open courseware, or OCW), course materials such as notes or slide presentation, modules, textbooks, pictures, videos, softwares, games, etc.

This workshop provides some insights into various facets of OER and demonstrates how OER can be integrated in an educational setting. An emphasis will be given on hands-on activities and sharing of relevant strategies to produce content (learning resources) using various web-based tools, softwares and tablet apps (optional).


Learning Outcome

  • Find, filter and evaluate open educational resources.
  • Use simple tools to reuse, modify, remix, and repackage resources.
  • Address the copyright issue.
  • Apply appropriate Creative Commons licences.
  • Create variety of new resources using web-based applications and free softwares.
  • Upload and share resources to various free learning platforms.
  • Integrate open educational resources in teaching and learning.


For more info, please follow this link:-

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MOOC www.openlearning.com/usmmooc